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Altresco (Alternative Resource Company) has a long history of successfully putting together energy and power enterprises in ways that allow every element and party to the undertaking to win. This is what has allowed us to structure very complex risk matrixes that could only be financed by being able to turn as many as 26 parallel revenue streams into monetizable cash flows.

The elimination of disconnected supply and product chains is very similar to what W. Edwards Demming taught the Japanese during the post-war rebuilding of industries such as automobile manufacturing.
The reason all parties can win is that the tight and transparent alignment of the components eliminates 30% of the overhead of poorly coordinated supply and distribution chains. This 30% allows the business to be, and stay very competitive while providing secure enough revenues for the parties to expand their businesses.

Today, we are on the cusp of the biggest energy transformation in the history of mankind. We have learned how the harness the same energy sources that make lightning and make potentially useful energy with absolutely no combustion. We have solved 2/3 of Benjamin Franklin's wish to make useful energy out of lightning. The two parts we've mastered are 1. The ability to regulate how much energy we capture, and 2. The ability to determine where it will be captured.
The last third is "when" we will be able to capture that in a way that is truly deliverable to electricity and energy users when they need it.
Several solutions to this issue are now available and are far more responsive than chemical batteries but they are also dramatically more counterintuitive and it will take a lot of effort to help people recognize something contrary to the knowledge they have worked hard to master.

Humanity will never want for energy in the future. Energy is an unlimited resource but water is not. The most critical pairing of the future will be using this unlimited energy to assure adequate fresh water at prices that the global economy can afford.
This pairing is the topic, in one form or another, of every enterprise we are pursuing.

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Fundamental Sustainability:

"When the elements of a system fit together because it is in their nature to do so.”

William Ross Williams

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