The Altresco Core Team:

William R Williams - Founder/CEO

Williams is the creator of the business model that enabled Independent Private Power businesses to become viable and financeable in The US, India and the Phillippines. It also operates as a miniature independent private utility within a larger system to provide stabilization services to the larger grid as part of a bidirectional arrangement that benefits both sides of the interconnect point.
This business model was first proven by Williams and Altresco during the development, financing, construction, operation and management of the Pittsfield Co-Generation business. This project used what is currently considered waste heat to eliminate the combustion of 170,000 Bbl of toxic cheap fuel oil at the 11 million sq. ft. GE Pittsfield campus. It also saved the GE Campus over $5 Million/year in heating fuel costs and had the overall environmental impact of taking 37000 cars off the road.

Williams went on to successfully apply similar private power business models in the Phillippines and India. This became the new standard approach to IPP development in the Indian market.
In 1999, Williams shifted his focused to clean energy and energy storage technologies. In 2007 Williams re-engaged with utility-scale wind power and by 2008 became involved in efforts by utilities and the grid to integrate more wind and renewable energy into the generation mix.
As a result of his front line knowledge of what was happening in the electricity markets, it became clear that the issue was not finding more ways to generate electricity. We needed to find alternative ways to use the wind generated electricity that was being generated at times when it is not useful.
Since that time he has been investigating and developing ways to use this potential electricity and other waste energy sources in multiple applications including water desalination and thermal storage for process heat loads.
2015 was a pivotal year as the evolution of the technologies, cost of storage and other key pieces have begun to fit together in an economically beneficial way and we have moved to a time where we can switch from "Doing less bad" to creating a bright and prosperous future.

David Perry - COO

Mr. Perry brings experience from a productive business and engineering career spanning 40 years of construction management, rehabilitation, expansion, acquisition and contract negotiations for an extensive range of domestic and international power and water production facilities. He founded a successful consulting firm 14 years ago that has provided knowledge, design and expertise for power production fueled by coal, biomass, hydro, solar, wind, diesel and natural gas with effective environmental stewardship processes

Mr. Perry is internationally recognized as innovative working with international investors and energy companies. He has provided specialized leadership and implementation of energy production and conservation with engineering project consultation in major domestic and international markets. David has solid expertise in leading the participation and collaborating with multi-functional teams to deliver the successful project objectives that meet the clients' energy development vision. He has consistently directed cross-functional, inter-disciplinary teams from conceptualization to proposal to completion. Professional services include detailed review and recommendations for improvements at operating plants (both plant performance and organizational/operational processes), rehabilitation of existing plants (scope, definition, estimating and scheduling), successful achievements in commercial development programs for a number of projects and specified regional strategies for major U.S. company growth with projects ranging from 2,000MW/160mgpd combined power and water to 12MW CHP.

Victor Tkachenko - Interim CFO

Victor began his career at Union Carbide Corporation in R&D, followed by project management and production. Since that time, he has acted as a senior financial and business executive touting over 35 years of experience. He specializes in energy related project finance, venture development and technology commercialization. He has worked in senior capacities for the Bank of Nova Scotia, Credit Lyonnais, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce and West LB.

Victor’s energy finance and advisory expertise includes all segments of the power and energy sectors. Victor also works internationally with private equity groups, venture capital, distressed debt funds and project financing sources. He has a working knowledge of commercial and financing strategies and structures that are compliant.

Victor holds a B.Eng. (Chem.), and an MBA with a concentration in Finance and Accounting, all from McGill University.

David K. Bellman - F & P Markets Energy Analyst

David comes to us as a seasoned professional with a B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering. David is the founder of All Energy Consulting. David assists clients in understanding and modeling the potential future of energy, and how to prepare and manage the risk. Clients include hedge funds, utilities, venture capital, and non-government organizations.

David's public notoriety moment occurred when he was the lead analyst among all oil analysts to forecast the crude oil collapse of 1998. He was on the front page of USA Today March 10, 1998 and also made appearances on various other publications and radio shows.

Over the seven years he was with AEP, David received 5 promotions and became the youngest Managing Director in the company's history. While still at AEP, David became a key member and contributor to an NPC study titled ”Facing the Hard Truths about Energy.“ David’s contribution on this very notable study was significant. David also served on the Coordinating Sub-Committee (CSC), as well as the Demand, Technology, and Geopolitics & Policy group where he performed as the lead author on several sub-topic papers. David also served on the Technical Review Panel for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

Jesus Iravedra - Thermal Storage, Plant Eng. Supervisor

Jesus started out with a BS in Applied Physics, obtaining a Masters in Renewable Energy and post graduate work in consulting and project management. Jesus is adept at mechanical & process engineering with considerable experience with combined cycle power plants, biomass and ISCC. Specialties include CSP technology, renewable energy project development, project management, rural electrification, and business development.

Paul Skillicorn

A graduate of John Hopkins University and CEO at Biotechnology Research and Development LLC, Skillicorn is a Biotech Entrepreneur, with a focus on wastewater/water treatment, recycling and oil cleanup. Skillicorn is one of the absolute experts in the field of organic water treatment. Paul has arguably done more to turn protein-rich duckweed into a commercialized crop than any other single person in the world. Skillicorn accomplishments include developing replicable farming duckweed protocols, employing duckweed in the treatment of wastewater and optimizing its use as a feed for poultry, swine, cattle, fish and prawns.

In Bangladesh, he pioneered Shobuj Shona (literally “Green Gold”) by joint venturing with rural villagers in both agriculture and small industry. Paul continues to publish selective research, with over 25 publications in books and peer reviewed journals. Paul lectures widely at universities across the US and presents to scientific meetings. Paul holds seven USPTO patents with patents pending ranging from automated systems for cultivating duckweed species, to methods by which to remove phosphorus in a useable form from waste streams.