Micro-grid and Islanded Solutions

Micro Grid and Islanded Solutions: Identifying the Applications & Designing the Solutions.

It’s about the end product: Communication, Data processing, Clean water, Food or other finished products. Electricity is not the GDP; electricity provides the ability to increase the GDP.

Whether you live on an island, need power in a remote location with no grid interconnect or seek an application to design an unregulated and/or grid optional solution, we've got a clean, reliable, and cost efficient solution for you.

Our IGLB™ modular systems start in the small (5KW - 50KW) range and can be expanded and altered to become village, base, community or major base load complexes. The IGLB™ was designed to create energy value out of every KWh or Btu, in terms of electricity, heat, water, and any product the end user can make using a steady flow of clean and reliable electricity and thermal heat.

The IGLB™ works by buffering the production spikes generally associated with solar and wind turbine electricity. This is what gives it the ability to capture 100% of the benefit of renewable resources, while providing high quality and firm electricity output for the user(s) and/or the grid - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Although we call this system a micro-grid, it can easily be scaled up to fully utilize the lowest cost energy resources to provide both electric and thermal energy behind the inter-tie. Scaled up, the IGLB™ is capable of exporting electricity at a rate equal to, or comparable with, any firm generation asset on the grid. It can also manage and convert a co-located assemblage of matched generation resources and loads into a single source of electricity; thus, providing all of the same benefits of large central generating stations, with a small fraction of the carbon and a small fraction of the cost. Micro-grids let you control the cost of the energy you need to get the job done.

Micro-grids are capable of achieving, optimizing and balancing electricity output to an "off grid" cellular tower, a radio transmitter, a data center, a village, an industry or, a SINGLE POINT grid-tie. The subordinate micro-grid control system was designed to regulate a combination of generation sources, including a primary gas or liquid fuel generator (built in for reliability) and renewable energy resources for the reduction or displacement of the use of fossil fuel.

This ability to eliminate risk of curtailment of no-fuel resources, while offering heat rates that assure dispatch as a firm asset, wastes neither fuel or capital value in any way. The end result is clean energy that has the lowest 20 year levelized cost of any new generation in the mix.

In every case, we make sure there is virtually no Btu or electron that is wasted. IGLB™ is about creating maximum system efficiency. This is how we achieve the lowest cost electricity with optimum resource utilization.

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