System Integration

Altresco Integrated was formed in 2009 for the further research in the application, development and deployment of cost effectively aligning, load balancing and controlling Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) in Micro-grid system configurations - based not on size but function, energy efficiency, energy security, grid safety and emission control.

Driven by forces external to centralized generation and currently in its infancy, the new electric grid will be comprised of centralized power plants and standardized micro grids of various types, sizes and purposes.

Micro-grids are designed to safely stand alone, or communicate and work in conjunction with the Electric Grid, as a means of supplying highly efficient, stable local electricity and thermal power to towns, communities, businesses, industries, specific regions, or selected energy loads and/or mission critical sites or functions.

Various DERs can also be integrated into balanced net-zero systems where the islanded system is able to mitigate communal risks by annually meeting or exceeding its own energy needs. Most people think strictly of solar arrays or wind turbines, when they think of micro-grids but in reality, a micro-grid can be any business or industry that generates energy for it's own consumption or more. Commercial micro-grid installations are already being installed on Military installations, University & School campuses, and on Hospital grounds (MUSH).

The next natural step in the evolution of generating and supplying clean and reliable energy based on function focuses on all critical forms of securing the water table, along with our natural resources (i.e. oil, natural gas, minerals, mining, agricultural and food processing sectors).

Research conducted by Williams, and his team of Altresco associates and advisors confirm: Resilient and energy flexible modular hybrid CHP and CCHP micro grid plants will play a major role on both the centralized and decentralized sides of the new energy grid in the above mentioned critical areas.