Our Mission

Our Mission

Altresco's purpose is to assess an industry’s processes and then transform those processes into a most reliable, most efficient, most cost effective and most environmentally responsible integrated system through the operational use of raw materials, utility, waste and alternative forms of energy, water, thermal storage, innovative technology, and uncomplicated whole systems integration. We strive to keep on-going customer process costs low, returns high, and people gainfully employed, while respecting the surrounding community and the environment.

Our Vision

Our vision is to maintain the lowest cost in the production of quality essentials like raw materials, energy, water, food production & caring for the environment so that businesses may be empowered to create yet more opportunities for themselves and other businesses for now, and in the years to come.

Altresco Core Values

*Technological and Human Innovation *Clean Energy *Clean Water *Clean Air *Environmental Sustainability *Leadership *Quality *Reliability *Dependability *Doing Good For The Whole *Doing more with the same or less *Integrity *Teamwork *Community *There is no such thing as waste

Our Customers and Stakeholders

We endeavor to lead the whole systems integration industry by conducting business in a manner that results in on-going maximum customer and stakeholder benefit. When we do our best to focus on providing the material, environmental, social and fiscal success of our customers and each stakeholder, we thrive. We believe all stakeholders must win, and continue to win over time. We strive to make that possible by creating a sound and dependable energy, water and natural resource base from which to work.

While our signature style of creating long lasting win, win, win, win business systems for our customers does take a little more work than nonintegrated development, we have found it to be a good business practice because spending a little more time in the planning stage produces 5x longer business relevancy for the customer.

Altresco People Resources

Altresco's most valuable resource is its wide selection of people possessing a broad range of end-to-end experience, as well as those who are experts in their fields. We believe each person is to be treated with dignity, respect, fairness and understanding. We strive to recruit, train, develop and retain employees who are skilled, motivated, creative, intelligent and reflective of the cultural diversity of the people they work with and the customers we serve. We strive to promote a positive work environment for all Altresco employees by recognizing superior performance with rewards and professional fulfillment.

Our Products and Services

Altresco is committed to providing quality building block systems and services that are agile, timely, accurate, reliable, responsive and useful. Our staff works toward continual improvement in our processes, our structure and the way we provide products and services to our customers and stakeholders.