Wind Power and Energy Storage

It was 50 years after Edison invented the generator before the first generating station was built on Pearl Street. But why? What was it that held Edison up? The answer is simple: Nothing had been designed to work on electricity until Edison created the light bulb.

Wind turbines are a solution for reducing reliance on fossil fuels, producing energy locally and fighting global climate change. However, when and how much electriciy is produced by the wind depends almost solely upon the wind. Consequently, no matter how well we can predict it, we still can't schedule it. Regardless, wind turbines have the ability to make electricity without combustion and we need to take advantage of all that beautiful, clean energy... but how? We use it by finding loads and uses determined by whole systems thinking that match generation with demand, along with ways of storing the energy made from the wind for later use. As an added extra, the GHG emissions that are eliminated using integrated systems are even greater than originally imagined.

We are now working with regulatory agencies and jurisdictions to create the rules that will provide for implementation of these new approaches.

We can use all the help we can get so, give us a call if you would like to join our efforts.