Energy Water Network

The methods of making energy and water complementary, instead of co-dependent, is constantly changing the way we look at, and work with, energy and water.

A network is defined as a connection, or series of connections linking two or more things together. When we think about what links energy and water together, we find electricity to be essential to modern water processing and water to be an essential part of the operation of nearly all major energy generation facilities.

The production of electricity is the source of power waiting to be defined by the load. When we combine natural gas, waste gas, solar, and/or wind generation overages with compatible water processes, we are creating thermal sinks for alternative processes, reducing the cost of clean water and increasing the net captured value of the alternative energy source; thus, reducing emissions, while raising the efficiency percentage and increasing the value of both the fuel used and the alternative energy captured.

Altresco is continually looking for and finding better ways to use water as a load for utilizing random or sporadic energy from natural gas, waste gas, wasted heat, and alternative energy sources.