Building Solutions

We have devised a toolset that will allow renewable and alternative energy resources to be integrated with conventional power generation, energy storage, and strategic load shifting using our proprietary management and control systems as a means of creating a unique power product that can be interconnected to the grid at the transmission level, in the same manner as one would connect a coal, nuclear or hydro plant.

Our architecture, equipment, and custom-developed control/dispatch algorithms can achieve this seamlessly, while providing as much as 45% renewable energy in the electron source mix. We do this in a way that interacts with existing reliability and dispatch protocols, thereby assisting in the management and provision of deep ancillary services.

This entire suite can be deployed at scalable levels from 10-50 MW and up, depending on the application, resources and load profile requirements.

Altresco has assembled a top-notch multidisciplinary team capable of providing a wide variety of services required to seamlessly integrate the many diverse elements involved with successful microgrid projects:

•Project development including bids/ proposals in response to RFPs put out by various types of Load Serving Entities (LSEs)

•Financing and power contracts

•Site analysis and selection for a broad range and mixture of power generation, energy storage, and energy-intensive interruptible loads

•Permitting and approvals at the federal, state, and local levels

•Regulatory interface including compliance, reporting, etc.

•Local community outreach, education and awareness to gain community support

•Deep knowledge of tax and other energy development incentives, including those targeted at renewable resources

•Financial and operational mechanisms for capturing energy, capacity, and ancillary service values

•Utility interconnection approvals

•Project management

•Systems integration including resource coordination, control and dispatch

•Operations and maintenance (O&M)

•International power, gas, and water projects