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Altresco History

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”
Williams and Altresco team members have lived this quote on three continents. It's with great joy that, in the Altresco cases, everyone impacted by the projects won.

By 1987, Williams was able to get appointments with the marketing people at 5 major Alberta Canada, natural gas producers. The days those meetings occurred, the weather in Calgary was 30 below zero, with a 30 mile an hour wind, and every one laughed at the concept of any gas contract with a period beyond one year. Fortunately, all but one of the meeting was in downtown Calgary where the buildings are connected by enclosed walkways.

In 1988, by working with independent gas producers, who could not get bankable gas contracts, and a consortium of these gas producers signed up, and Altresco was able to get the first ever gas import approval in excess of one year ever granted by US Federal Energy Regulatory Agency.

From that point forward, a great deal of previously stranded gas was signed up to export a lot of natural gas to the gas-starved markets in New York and New England. The terms of those contracts became "the Altresco model"
As to the producers who joined the Altresco consortium experienced more than 300% gains in market capital value.

The Altresco Pitsfield Plant

Based on the extraordinary success in New England, Altresco was asked the Manila Electric Company (MERALCO) located in the Philippines, to come see if there was anything that might be conceivable to get the power back on.
This request was seconded by GE.

When Williams and attorney Roger Wagner were on the plane, on the way to Manila, two World Bank said we'd better enjoy the trip because otherwise, the trip was a complete waste of time.

Today, the first facility to embrace our model is building a second unit and 4 more are under construction using the same financial structure.
The same model was applied to the first IPP project to ever get financed and built in India, and since that project came online, 51 GW of Private power generation has been built and India's per capita GDP has gone up by 1000%.

The Phillippines generating capacity had deteriorated to nearly inoperable conditions under nationalization. Because the country was bankrupt, and with US Military Bases gone had no credit at all. Cory Aquino had just survived the Coup attempt by the military. The country was not running on fumes, it was living in fumes. In these economic conditions, every bus and vehicle seemed to be belching black smoke and about the only thing that was clear was the desperate need for new electricity, and the economy it would bring.
What was also clear was that this new power industry could be created with no losers..

The Quezon Facility commenced operation in 2000. Working together, Altresco was able to create a business model that led to the successful development of the privately owned $860,000,000 million 460MW Quezon Power Plant which operates in Mauban, on the Island of Luzon.

On hold 2014.

Economically recyling very nasty water.

Altresco, GE Water, and Tetratech collaborated on designing a project that could/can desalinate both brackish groundwater and high TDS produced water at a cost much lower than the alternatives that were/are available.
A key element is the ability to reduce the cost of thermal energy for the distillation by 70%.

And then, the Oil Crash of 2014 came and drilling stopped. The produced water problem is still there and will continue, when and if it's still the best approach to produced water recycling.