The Altresco design and implementation network incorporates all that we know to be relevant to the provision of water, production facilities, agriculture, mining, energy and electricity systems. The average experience of our experts is 30 years. Our inner-circle of high level resources includes a variety of industry professionals and experts who have implemented a myriad of projects and started many businesses from concept to completion.

In addition to our own groups of experts, we have the ability to access most major engineering firms, universities and core competency specialists. We draw our information from empirical and tested results gained by experts in their fields - those who have actually experienced the situations we are helping our customers to overcome, optimize, or create.

And because our network is based on focusing our efforts on whole system integration, we have the ability to quickly assemble and deploy or retreat expertise from dozens of core competencies over the life-time of the project. This allows us to seldom be more than 1 degree away from the most qualified and relevant information coming from anywhere in the world, as it relates to your project.

Sustainable and advanced system design requires a great number of core competencies and an understanding of the function of the whole system from end to end, including subsystems. The Altresco team addresses each component of the process, from the raw materials to the final product and end user. We specialize in a high ROI.

Altresco does not sell equipment or hardware; we are vendor free. Simply put, we choose the right technologies based on the location, the function and the process of your industrial system, be it water desalinization or cheese processing. Our job is to build the most reliable integrated system that will be 70-85% energy efficient, saving our customers money, while helping the environment for as long as the system is in use.

The Altresco team:
o Identifies the mission and user needs.
o Understands the dynamics of electricity and energy supplies specific to the system.
o Focuses on areas of energy and process opportunities and advantages that are generally missed.
o Optimizes energy systems on both sides of the “energy fence."
o Defines product and financial flows
o Designs an integrated high level, energy efficient system.
o Chooses the right technology and the right team for the job
o Implements and manages the project team
o Completes the mission in a timely and financially agreeable fashion.

We are here to help solve your power and process needs so all you have to do is run your business. The end result will be best in class, using the most appropriate designs, engineering, implementation oversight, and operations teams available today.