Energy, Real Estate and Water

The name Altresco has been associated with creating benchmark projects in clean gas generation, gas transportation and water for more than 25 years. Altresco's roots came from the oil and gas industry with 5 of our original 7 board members being active in 5 different segments of the O&G business. Our first project in western Massachusetts established the precedents for New England to shift from Bunker C fuels to clean natural gas.

Since that time Altresco and SBUs have created business cases and participated in the development of over 3bn energy cost reductions for our clients, producing hundreds of millions of dollars in value and savings. With one notable exception, all of these facilities serve to provide reliable electricity and thermal energy to large industrial loads that produce tangible products.

The power grid as it was designed in the US was one the most cost effective ways to provide all of the reliable electricity the US could use. Electricity and Water became givens.

All good things must change and the giant cheap electric generators have been producing CO2 emissions that we've found has pushed our atmosphere past the tipping point.

The 2007 book by Al Gore happened to coincide with the coming of age of of new technologies that are the biggest changes in energy since earliest mankind.

The combination of balanced gas and wind can also reduce both CO2 and water consumption by 80%. We have developed several systems that not only can achieve this incredible CO2 savings; it can do this without needing electric energy costs to rise.

Bringing these and comparable systems into the mainstream is what Altresco is about.

For more about Altresco, the impact it has and continues to have, simply enter “Altresco” in the search engine page and scroll through the list of references.

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Altresco Promise

Fundamental Sustainability:

"When the elements of a system fit together because it is in their nature to do so.”

William Ross Williams

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