Energy and Water

From its inception Altresco, globally, has maintained the culture of making sure we can deliver what we are proposing long before we propose it. One of our major goals is to eliminate the constraints on expansion of the production and exploitation of Permian Hydrocarbon resources being caused by water limitations.

In the E & P industry, like so many other industries, the need for low cost water and energy is fundamental. Altresco Water & Power is a service company. We can provide abundant and economically accessible water for our E & P Industry customers in a way that we believe will set the global standard. Our interdisciplinary approach to low cost energy and delivering water is in the area of arranging proven energy and water technologies currently being operated independently.

We design decentralized whole system architectures that fit together in ways that optimize their value as components of a rapidly reconfigurable modular system. We lower our over-all water processing costs in a multitude of ways, and then pass those savings on to our customers at economy of scale prices.

Our overarching agenda is to demonstrate the need and methods for staying in touch with the whole E & P implementation and operation community, as a way of rapidly recognizing the water and energy needs and solutions in the industry.

Today, the ability to adapt and be flexible to change is more import than ever. Rather than trying to utilize one expensive solution for every independent situation, Altresco easily adapts our systems according to LAP protocols, while assuring the solution-set is right for all of the variables, including the use of flare gas.

When it comes to water delivery, recycling and disposal, Altresco understands the sum of the parts are exponentially more valuable, and less expensive than any of the individual components currently being operated independently.

That is the Altresco Approach.

The New E & P Standards

It's a New Paradigm for the E&P and Fracking Industry

Imagine being able to say, “We are now using 100% recycled and desalinated water without drawing from potable water sources.”

This statement is within reach with the Altresco integrated Water and Power System. No front end capital from the customer side is required… and no new, unproven tech is used.

And it gets better: We use flare gas to meet or exceed the latest EPA environmental requirements for gas fields and power generation. We offer clean brine and/or water for less than $0.90/bbl, with full requirements supply possible. We also turn around and reclaim or recycle both produced and frac flow- back water at $2.50/ bbl. plus, truck or pipeline delivery from sources and to points of use.

No more waiting for water!

Contact Us

You may contact us in Denver, Colorado USA at +1 303.888.0380 (MDT -0600 UTC)or by email at info@altresco.com

Altresco Promise

Fundamental Sustainability:

When the elements of a system fit together because it is in their nature to do so.”

William Ross Williams

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