The economics of clean and green have arrived.

Creating True Sustainability that works and will only get more valuable with time.

For the first time in the history of humanity we can capture useable energy from nature, in predictable quantities, at locations of choice, without combustion. However, without flexible natural gas generation we cannot synchronize energy from nature with our "energy on demand" uses.

From 1986-1990 Altresco developed, financed, constructed and operated the first gas fired generation project to ever be 100% financed and it was also the only gas fired schedulable generating facility to achieve a 98% capacity factor for 10 years running.
This also paved the way for New England to move from toxic heavy fuels to natural gas as a primary industrial and generation fuel.

The gas procurement strategy we created to accomplish this "impossible" gas, efficiency and generation mission is still proprietary to Altresco. The importance of this strategy has only re-emerged in the last 5 years, but today it is more valuable than ever and we want to contribute this knowledge to the repowering of our world.

Since 2008 the availability wind and solar electricity, as well as new natural gas abundance has made a very low carbon future decades closer than it could be without this triumvirate. Another huge benefit is that this triumvirate also can reduce the consumptive use of water by 85% or more.

Altresco's long history with the entire natural gas and electricty supply chains, as well as participation in the evolution of both FERC and NERC policies regarding renewable energy integration, has put us in a unique position to bring wholesale strategies to the retail energy marketplace.

We intend to use our wholesale power generation strategies to applications that are currently paying retail for energy. And, believe it or not, we have strategies that will also provide benefits to the local electricity and gas companies that will offset the lowering of energy purchase by our new energy customer.

Today is the most exciting time Altresco, and the network it has built over the past 3 decades, has ever seen.

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Altresco Promise

Fundamental Sustainability:

"When the elements of a system fit together because it is in their nature to do so.”

William Ross Williams

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