Mission, Vision and Business Culture statement.

We achieve very investment worthy short and long term Returns on Investment, ROI, by adding enough value that our continual growth is assured.
Our customers, direct, and indirect stakeholders, and the environment will experience added net benefit of a caliber that make it mutually desirable to maintain the new business relationships for the foreseeable future.

Identifying and Capturing Synergies through Open Innovation

Food and Water are essential and we have elected to dedicate our expertise on the end to end production of these two products. The decades of experience we have accumulated in the energy, electricity, and thermal energy areas allow us to dramatically decrease the cost and carbon impact of production.

More specifically we are currently developing businesses that will provide desalination of water for communities, and reclaiming and recycling toxic produced and frack flow back. Our propriety energy and water processing system approach will allow us to reclaim, as pure fresh water, 60% or more of the water currently being injected in disposal wells, as well as returning 30% of the reclaimed water to in the form of drilling water that will offset the use of new freshwater supplies. With our system we can expect 90% reclamation, rather than the 9-15% reuse the big name companies are touting.
Yes, that is a 1000% improvement.

Energy-Electricity-Water-Food Synergies

Matching electricity production sources with optimum energy uses. By creating and utilizing energy storage methods that are indifferent to the intermittent nature of wind and solar electricity, we will be able to turn nearly every watt and/or Btu into useful energy, water, and high value added food products.
In many cases, particularly in developing countries and agriculture we are able to eliminate 90% of combustion requirements to fulfill both our electrical and thermal energy needs.

The Altresco team and network is a virtual network and is compromised of long term veterans of every segment of every system we design. The group known as Altresco,includes people from General Electric, Tetra Tech,Thornhill Group (Water engineers),Grid and ISO alliances, Natural gas, oil, service companies, renewable energy, Dr. Ken Rainwater Civil Engineer, Professor at Texas Tech University, And other specific people, many of whome have been retained to assist on projects on every continent on earth. Water Desalination, Electricity production, electricity trading, oil and gas production, hydro-geology, ground water, civil, mechanical, electrical, chemical and minerals engineering, financial analysts, financing specialists with experience in virtually every type of debt and equity finance, and aspects of agriculture from soil and water optimization o food crop production, livestock raising and processing and many other parts required for the operation of end to end systems.

We are in familiar and proven territory. These system arrangements are simply a matter of rearranging known and proven technologies to fit the new shape of possibilities available and needed today.

Altresco has a Proven Track Record

Altresco has developed and successfully operated landmark CHP/Co-generation facilities. Total operating projects authored by Altresco exceed $3 Bn. And, mission critical applications are the norm for us.

Our signature style of creating long lasting win, win,win,win business systems does take more work than non integrated development. But we have found it a good business to spend twice as much time in the beginning when the outcome will be a 5x longer business relevancy.

The Altresco Approach

Altresco Understands Practical Sustainability.

From its inception Altresco has always taken great strides in making sure we can deliver what we are proposing long before we propose it. In our world, over promising and under-delivering is simply not an option. This requires us to become familiar with and understand all variables and elements of proposed projects, not just where they are today but why and what causes the behavior of that element or stakeholder. We also must understand what the forces are that are acting on these interdependent elements at any and every site we consider. This allows us to develop projects based on natural cohesiveness, rather than momentary cleverness.

Contact Us

You may contact us in Denver, Colorado USA at +1 303.888.0380 (MDT -0600 UTC)or by email at info@altresco.com

Altresco Promise

Essential Sustainability. TM: When the elements of a system fit together because it is their nature to do so.”
William Ross Williams

We have been immersed in the Water, food, Energy, Electricity Nexus for 4 decades. We see and understand the potential synergies and are committed to bringing this phrase into positive realities.

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