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Systems that match energy sources with energy need patterns will naturally be more efficient throughout the supply and distribution chains. Altresco's history has been about creating power generation and water desalination strategies that serve specific energy/water customers.This efficiency will also drop CO2 emissions and consumptive use of fresh water.

What has caused the flagship projects Altresco has led to success has been the ability to take systems that seemed mechanically sound, and make them economically sound. Since we've been in several of these situations and succeeded we have learned a lot about how to weave independent system and weave them into interdependent and synergistic enterprises. Even more, we have had several case studies that we have watched evolve over the past 2 decades.
Today we can design systems based on how they will work rather than how we think they will work.
At the same time, the world of energy that existed 20 years ago is now obsolete. New electricity and energy sources have been deployed and improved enough that we can see what the problem is.

It is simply that these new sources of electricity do not produce electricity the same way as the electricity user community uses it.
Since electricity does no exist until a circuit can take if from one pole and deliver it bact to the other pole, we have spent the last eight years working in great depth of how to create useful circuits that will capture the electrical energy in ways never thought of.

We have succeeded. Now we are excited to spread the word and teach as many people as possible how all of these interdependent systems work.

Here is a link to a little teaser about what these interconnected systems can do today.
Google this phase.

Reducing Carbon Emissions and Water use by 80% is possible today.

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Altresco Promise

Fundamental Sustainability:

"When the elements of a system fit together because it is in their nature to do so.”

William Ross Williams

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