Energizing a Low Carbon Future

Altresco is an acronym for Alternative Resource Company. Altresco was founded in 1986 by William Ross Williams and a small but extremely effective team of innovators. The very foundation Altresco was built on was maximum energy efficiency and clean air. Today that is called Sustainability. Our first project proved that electricity and industrial thermal energy could be provided on a very competitive basis with a GHG reduction of 75% from what the current normal was. At that time we just labeled this environmental commitment "The Clean Energy Company".

We were able to achieve those extremely positive results by working with every element of the natural gas supply chain to make Natural Gas available in New England in volumes sufficient to start the transformation from toxic cheap oil to clean natural gas.

The unique and innovative business strategy that allowed us to make this happen also led to creating the "BOT and BOO" Build, Own Operate business model that made IPP financing possible in developing countries where the government credit was not sufficient to guarantee the payback of the necessary financing This brought the electricity needed to transform the economies of the Phillippines and India.
The "secret sauce" Altresco uses to bring all of the diverse pieces together is extremely complex yet also very simple.
Every stakeholder in an Altresco Energy Business must win.

Today, the Altresco network is still very much alive. Our continuing commitment to creating a clean and sustainable planet is being served through Teaching, Advising, Consulting, and participation in new projects.
The need for electricity and combustion-free energy continues to grow and our innovation juices are flowing. With all of the new zero carbon tools that have now been proven and characterized, we can visualize ways to reduce carbon faster and to a greater extent than non-integrated systems could hope to achieve.

Contact Us

You may contact us in Denver, Colorado USA at +1 303.888.0380 (MDT -0600 UTC)or by email at info@altresco.com

Altresco Promise

Fundamental Sustainability:

"When the elements of a system fit together because it is in their nature to do so.”

William Ross Williams

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