Energy and Water.

From its inception, Altresco has taken great strides to make sure we can deliver what we are proposing long before we propose it. In our world, over promising and under-delivering is simply not an option. Altresco Water & Power (AW&P) is a Water and Energy Risk and Resource Management Company. We are a direct off-shoot of Altresco Integrated, fondly known to us as "AI". AI has over 28 years of experience financing, designing, building, operating and maintaining integrated energy systems specific to the customer's processing needs. Its all about adding value for our clients.

For a long, long time, the Oil and Gas Exploration and Production sector has been marked as the dirty but very necessary closet component of the energy industry. Ten years ago, this wouldn’t have been possible but today, non-conventional gas and oil production, coupled with alternative and integrated sustainable energy solutions technologies, is leading the whole E & P industry to environmentally cleaner solutions, and a new source of water for the E & P process. That's what happens when good people put their heads together to find better solutions across the board.

Altresco Water and Power (AW&P) partners with leading oil and gas companies for the purpose of water and energy risk and resource management. We dispose of, process, and recycle oil field wastewater. We also supply a steady and reliable source of clean, desalinated water and brine to drilling specifications from non-municipal sources. We work hard to deliver our water and services at the lowest cost, in the most technologically effective, most environmentally air, water, and earth friendly, and most energy efficient way.

We are able to offer the lowest cost water management and treatment solutions, while specifically designing our facilities to meet the customized needs of the E & P Industry because we can produce and control our own energy needs through an integrated facility. This includes a core multi-energy processing plant, surrounded by duel water treatment technologies, sitting at the center of an easily accessible 20 mile radius, located smack down in the gas and oil play.

With a reliable supply of water, the E & P Industry can continue to supply oil and gas to power the U.S. and to the world. We will help by supplying an inexpensive, recycled and a non-municipal source of water for the industry. In turn, jobs in the energy, water, agriculture, and other industries will be created.

That is the Altresco Approach.

Low Cost Energy Means Low Cost Water

We think water is one of the most interesting elements on the planet. Only 2.5% of the Earth's water is actually freshwater. Only 98.8% of that water is in ice and groundwater. Less than 0.3% of all freshwater is in rivers, lakes, and the atmosphere. An even smaller amount of the Earth's freshwater (0.003%) is contained within biological bodies and manufactured products. But it takes a lot of water to process raw materials, energy, food and man-made goods. When we speak of water, it's actually more precise to say the same river runs "through" our all of our processes and then, quite frankly, through us.

Generally, the earth has a way of naturally cleansing the water we use over, and over, and over again but when we use water in a way that would take mother nature too many years to recycle for anyone's reuse, we have to lend a hand to speed that process up. With more demands being put on water today and in the future, this is where water treatment must step in, and the less expensive the cost of energy becomes, the less expensive the price of water will be.

But the reverse can also be said of water: The less expensive the price of water is, the less expensive the cost of energy will be. However, without clean water, cheap energy wouldn't matter.

Treating E &P wastewater in the most economic way, and using an alternative source of water in the process, as opposed to deep well injection, or gels that still require water, assures the E & P sector of a steady and reliable flow of clean water at the lowest possible price, while protecting the public sector's access to clean water resources for many years to come.

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You may contact us in Denver, Colorado USA at +1 303.888.0380 (MDT -0600 UTC)or by email at info@altresco.com

Altresco Promise

Essential Sustainability. TM: When the elements of a system fit together because it is their nature to do so.”
William Ross Williams

We have been immersed in the Water, food, Energy, Electricity Nexus for 4 decades. We see and understand the potential synergies and are committed to bringing this phrase into positive realities.

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