Energy and Water

The name Altresco has been associated with creating benchmark projects in clean gas generation, gas transportation and water for more than 25 years. In that time, Altresco and affiliated companies have provided energy cost reductions for our clients, producing hundreds of millions of dollars in value and savings.

Today we are integrating controllable loads and water processing into our solution designs. Our product line has expanded from pure energy to energy and water.

Our energy approach translates into lower cost of production and processing of water from unconventional sources into water that can be used for the most demanding industrial applications. Our energy cost reduction approach expands the range of economically treatable water sources.

Collectively, our team incudes “best in industry” seasoned and experienced veterans in the fields of power generation, financing and most types of water processing, cleaning and desalination. Together, we create system economic efficiencies that are simply not available without integration.

For more about Altresco, the impact it has and continues to have, simply enter “Altresco” in the search engine page and scroll through the list of references.

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You may contact us in Denver, Colorado USA at +1 303.888.0380 (MDT -0600 UTC)or by email at

Altresco Promise

Fundamental Sustainability:

"When the elements of a system fit together because it is in their nature to do so.”

William Ross Williams

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