Clean and Green Hybrid Power Centers

The Hybrid Power Center of the Future - designed using all of the knowledge acquired in the past and present to create the system for tomorrow.

One of the unstated problems with getting wind electricity to market is the high price of running intermittent power over lines at capacity factors in the range of 30%; the cost of getting a KWh of wind electricity to market is triple the cost of the base-load power that always keeps the lines fully utilized.

In the process of designing solutions to this problem, we've collaborated with experts from the energy, wind, solar, gas,and other flexible power generation equipment vendors as well as SPP, PJM, MISO and ERCOT ISO/RTO staffs and management and load balancing authorities plus, the regulatory agencies such as state PUCs, FERC, NERC, EPRI, NREL, as well as consulting with many end users and potential balancing loads.

We have affirmed the legal and practical viability of our Hybrid Power Center; however, it is contrary to the assumptions that have been standard for decades among ISO members and operators. Our design is best used at large scale base load applications, like replacing large coal plants and the emerging impact of distributed power but this is still unfolding; the time is not right for the deployment of our IGLB systems. However, when the time is right we have identified several GW of generation that would be in perfect locations to converting to IGLB.

In many cases we are finding the same type of approach to microgrid applications can work at the distributed scale and intend to deploy this when all of the stars are aligned.